[RMS] Rate my setup!

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  1. Hey, so I haven't changed up my setup much in the past but I'd like to get some feedback on how it is at its current state, and how I can improve it by moving things around. Please keep in mind I'm not the richest person around, nor am I the poorest. But I don't have the budget to go around spending money on random gadgets, just want to make it nicer.
    Here's some pictures of the setup, tips for rearranging things appreciated :)
    It's normally not so bright, but it was just for the picture.

    For anyone wondering, that is a 32 inch TV and a 19 inch monitor. Just thought it'd help out maybe..

    Thanks :)
  2. Once I saw the Xbox 360 and Poweraid,

    PS3 >
    Gatorade >

    Haha, jk nice set-up.
  3. Either you really wanted us to see the corner, or you're hiding something on the floor/lowerdown.
  4. Yea uhh I prefer 360 over ps3, though ps3 has its benefits, 360 is better due to party chats, and exclusives. I've got a ps3 too though so no worries, it's in the living room incase needed as a BR player, but I can bring it into my room but I aint got no space. I've got a ps4 too (And I do believe it's better than the xbone :p ) but its in my brothers room since he plays it more.

    yea my parents get whatevers on sale, sometimes we get like 50 gatorades, and sometimes 50 powerades. I dont prefer either honestly

    And thanks, any tips on rearranging/making it better? I've seen many people with amazing setups and I don't get how they do it.

    Something I've noted down is that I need more posters :p but i dont get posters unless they come with the game, but everythings digital now :(

    http://imgur.com/i54Ckwe,3I1Wiv5,2F...5W0,Rp4vGCg,O5PLUmO,VzDtzlo,ZidBrLP,KvgYqqC#6 that one has a pic of the floor...Theres numbers to change from pics 1-12 if you haven't noticed :) Thanks!
  5. specs?
  6. Of what? My PC?

    AMD FX-4300
    MSI Nvidia GTX 650 1GB
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    1TB Toshiba HDD

    Wouldn't say its the best, but definitely isn't the worst and gets what I need done.
  7. Well, a new monitor would definitely brighten things up a bit in the looks.
  8. Monitors cost alot, so I don't think I'll be able to upgrade it :/. I don't usually even use my computer much anyways. it does the job.

    I'm trying to find a way to lower the TV but I have no idea, this desk really limits me.
  9. [​IMG]
    Ultimate battlestation!
  10. Looks cool.