Premium Robbery | Bank Heists, Store Robberies & more [1.12-1.17] [Paid]

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  1. That region is probably not a place region then, take a look at the youtube video linked on the overview.
  2. I see what I did wrong, worldguard id isnt the number for the region, its the name.

    And general stores seem useless if you dont have crackshot. Cant we have like the safes in the robberyplace in generals? Or atleast an atm to take. The robbery will start when you right click, but it'll be 30 seconds of doing nothing.
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  3. The plugin is intended to be used in a roleplay server scenario where guns are pretty much always present (you are also the first person to complain about that) i think even a ATM wouldn't really fix the issue for you since its just waiting infront of a ATM then. The general robbery is pretty basic and intended for smaller buildings like gas stations that players can rob to earn some money. I'm planning to recode the plugin which will introduce new features and polish the current ones however there is no ETA for that at the moment.
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  4. Thats fine, just slowly getting around to doing up a GTA server, and just tried setting up a general store and seeing that it didnt do much in the robbery phase.
  5. How did you fix robbery structures not being able to be placed since I'm getting "You can't place structures out of place locations" as well. I looked through discussions and Dexuby said to configure a BANK place by using the template on the overview. I used that template for the configuration and it still failed. Do I have to make a new region for BANK, if so how
  6. Any way to use this without citizens? citizens is not lightweight, and is a bit of a resource hog so I prefer to avoid it.
  7. If you have any suggestion for other ways to start a robbery feel free to share them, imo npc's are the best option.

    I kinda disagree with citizens having bad performance. I try to only depend on resources that are used by a majority of servers and citizens is/was one of them. In the end i doubt that there would be a big performance difference between me developing the npc system or depending on citizens for that.
  8. Hello ! Before buying, I was wondering if a support for Quality Armory is planned or is already in place, because I don't user Crackshot and will not use it.
    Or else if there is an other way to rob else than break the vault door with a gun?
  9. You can break the vault door by using normal tools. QualityArmory can't be supported because the API isn't offering all necessary components.
  10. Okay, all we need is to break the block ? I mean, if I do a plugin which destroy the plugin no matter how, it works ?
  11. No
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  12. Any plans on removing citizens dependency in future? Such as the option to use ServerNPC or another method instead? as Citizens is not optimized particularly well.
  13. Could you link this ServerNPC plugin you'r talking about? Seems like there are at least two with the same name on spigot.
  14. The plugin doesn't seem to have a proper API neither any documentation for it (there is also no download). Don't think i can add support for that resource unfortunately.
  15. hello i cant access gui since npc didnt giving anything i already setting it on config but npc didnt giving anything. can you help it?
  16. Hey, robbery plugin work with 1.8.8 version ?