Premium Robbery | Bank Heists, Store Robberies & more [1.12-1.17] [Paid]

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  1. Supported versions are listed on the overview. (Only 1.12 and above)
  2. Can you add compatibilty with 1.8.8 please ? and I buy
  3. 1.8.x support is not planned, this plugin is mainly for RP servers which are usually running 1.13.2+ at this point.
  4. i kinda confuse about fallback on setting. what purpose for fallback?
  5. Teleports players that are currently robbing to that location when the robbery ends (because they didn't left the place/the leader quit, etc.)
  6. how do u make lots of banks and general config
  7. Just add more entries to the config.
  8. USE the id for the Npc not the name. (01..02..)

    a Broadcast on the Chat would be nice
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  9. Could you check if it works with arclight-forge-1.16-1.0.19 (hybrid server spigot/forge)
    If it works I would buy it immediately.
  10. when will the next promotion for this plugin be (discount)?
  11. Hi! Am I able to use commands on crew-members in "robbery-start-command-list:" (%player% doesn't work for me :( )
  12. Try %crew_leader_name% or %robber_name% depending on your place type.
  13. %crew_leader_name% worked for leader but didn't affect crew-members %robber_name% - didn't work at all :(
  14. Yeah, I think you can only use the crew leaders name.