Rocket League: Showoff your best goals

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    Some of you may or may not know, but whenever I can find some free time, I usually spend it playing some Rocket League. I have nearly 400 hours on the game (as of posting this), and have been getting better and better as I practice more on my free time in games. Now... I'm no professional by any means, but I sure like to think that sometimes I hit some insanely bad-ass shots. Sometimes they're freestyles, other times they're just mediocre shots that I thought looked kinda neat.

    I thought I would create a thread so I could see some of your awesome goals because I guarantee I'm not the only one that plays this game. It's no competition as to who has the best goal, but I just want to see something awesome ;) Though you're more than welcome to show us some fails as well... because I have plenty of those

    It would be preferred if you captured it in a gif on Gfycat, Giphy or any other gif website so we can see it a little easier ^-^ Let's start with a few of mine because you know, why not?

    Dropshot LITERALLY just came out:
    First corner dribble:
    Teamwork makes the dream work:
    (4:55time - 2seconds) + 1AFK = CALCULATED:
    Dat angle doh:

    Were any of your shots Reddit-worthy too?
  2. I have scored tons of awesome goals in rocket league, I'll share some screenies in a sec.

    *googles what is rocket league?*
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