Spigot Rocket Warp System Beta 4.4

You can set warps and ride a rocket while teleporting to the warps

  1. Worked well after I updated to java 8 64-bit update 60, and enabled the world in the config!

    Thank you for the fast updates and great response, the plugin may be basic, but its done so well that its amazing, that and it works perfectly fine with SpaceSuits and SpaceGen.
  2. Thank you:)
  3. You do not have to enable the world in the config since Beta 4.4!
  4. I'm using a different world for testing. its not called "world"
  5. Wow. That was a fast update... I would rate again but that would just be overkill. You already know its good when every rating is 5 star.
  6. :)
  7. Can i use it on my Server or i make a sign with your name for use it ?
  8. Of corse you can use it!
  9. Could you add Spacesuits which are just any type of armor... with a special helmet filled with air, and when it runs out of oxygen, or your armor breaks, you'll start suffocating... In order to refill it you have to head back to earth and fill it back up with oxygen. And also maybe enclosed buildings are a safe zone that protect you from suffocation?
  10. Sorry, but that is to far from the actual meaning of the plugin
  11. ok. Well I was just wondering... Could it maybe become its own plugin?, My players enjoy what I have now, but they want a bit more "realistic" feel... like what I said... Oxygen systems.

    Still though, I love this plugin, its very smooth, and has had no problems after I updated my java.
  12. I will think about that :=)
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  13. Change your skin thanks.
  14. No! You have to change your skin!
  15. Well i have been using this one since the Beta of Minecraft, when you were 12years old
  16. Well I think you have no intelligent reason to use the skin more than me! So I will not change my skin!
  17. get lost
  18. xD