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Customise your Character

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    Roleplay Cards - Customise your Character

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  2. Maybe it's a good idea for you to add variables
  3. hey there what like custom fields ? this one was just for our server initially so may be limited at the moment but can look into it
  4. Seems workings flawlessly on 1.4.4 , but are we supposed to be able to check others Cards ? It gives an error in console right now when checking others then ourselves, but the rest seems to work without any errors .
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  5. Yes you should be able I’ll check it out . Thanks for report
  6. Okay for very weird reasons, it seems to work flawlessly without any errors now xD Just needed a full restart. Also I cant config and reload, the plugin just ignore my settings, soo I need to fully turn off the server, edit the file, then turn on and everything works flawlessly without any errors ^^ Hope it can help

    Ps: Found to disable the commands executed doesnt work also ^^, At least the /name /nick command, I cant disable it. Its removed from config but keep doing it in-game
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  7. Ha ha must be me not doing reload properly I’ll see what I can do with that one

    I’ll also pop in an option to turn off the nickname feature
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  8. Found another Error that seems weirdly related to Entity Damage interraction

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