Spigot Room4u 0.1

Max player slot is set to one slot higher than the online players.

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    Room4u - Max player slot is set to one slot higher than the online players.

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  2. Please make this for bungee.
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  3. I plan on doing this in the future, however, I am not familiar with coding with BungeeCord, nor do I know how to code for it at all. Expect it soon however :)
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  4. I just copied the name and the description, I'll change it if he wants though :p
  5. No problem :3

    Do you mind putting down a Spigot link in the description for it so that if people don't have BungeeCord, they can at least have a version for Spigot/CraftBukkit? Thanks. :)
  6. I did already at the bottom, but I'll move it up to the top <3
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  7. Why would you want this? (I have some reasons in mind, but I'm interested in your opinion)
  8. It's a cool feature (a small feature that can be taken as a joke. Hence the name: there's always 1 player slot open for you.) -_-
  9. can someone update this?, im getting so many errors
  10. I'm not getting any errors at all, please provide me with a list of all of your plugins and the errors you are getting. I can't help you unless I get some actual information on the issue.

    Make sure you are using BUKKIT and not BUNGEECORD. If you are using this plugin on BUNGEECORD, then it'll throw errors. Make sure to use the BUNGEECORD VERSION FOR BUNGEECORD ;)
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