Solved Rotate entities proportionately around center location

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  1. I'm extremely bad at math, and I don't really know where to start here, so I'll just explain the issue.

    I have 3 Armor Stands set as sticks. I have a center location and a rotation, I need to rotate the armor stands around the center location while moving them to constantly be in a straight line (as depicted below)


    This is a straight line of 3 Armor Stand Sticks, what I need to achieve is this:


    Just setting the rotation would be easy, but you would end up with this:


    I just don't know how to calculate the locations of the outermost 2 Armor Stands, to line them up with the center one.

    EDIT: A friend helped solve it, for anyone wanting to know how,
    Code (Text):
    angleInRadians = angle * Math.PI / 180
    newX = sin(angleInRadians) * distanceFromCenter + centerX
    newZ = cos(angleInRadians) * distanceFromCenter + centerZ
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