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  1. Hello,
    i am making a minigame plugin and at a time i want to spawn an ArmorStand with a bow there is rotating around it self. Like when you drop an item, the item rotates around it self. I don't know if you can make this without an ArmorStand, but i want it to be the same size as when the bow is in the hand of an normal sized ArmorStand.

    I have tried to: Set a location to where the ArmorStand is, and then loop through all entities in an radius of 2, in that location, with a timer.

    I hope you can help me. :)
  2. Just apply the bow as a helmet is the NSB sorts, then Effect the armor stand invisible
  3. Will it then rotate?
  4. Oh im stupid :( I mean get a Skeleton and then Use the NSB sorts to effect it then tp it around its pos
  5. It is okay. :p Can You show me How i rotate it? And Will the skeleton move? :)
  6. Effect it with levitation to get it off the ground... and then you can damage it (Then heal it) or something to make it spin It would be pretty Jerking though, BTW make sure that you use the NSB to make no ai
  7. Is this easier than just spawn an ArmorStand and rotate it? :) I know its possible but i can't figure out How to do it. :/
  8. Sorry, Im not sure how to do that
  9. Oh, okay. :)
  10. Create a armorstand holding the bow
    Rotate the armorstand every tick by adding x (around 7.5 will look good) to the entities yaw and teleporting it to the new location with the added yaw value

  11. Thanks. :) I Will try! :p
  12. NathanWolf


    Could you just use a dropped item? Prevent players from picking it up? Might be a lot easier if that's really the look you're trying to achieve.
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  13. set the bow to the arm, position it so it looks 'up-right' and then rotate the yaw of the armorstand(0-360 degrees) on a task.
  14. Yea, but when i want it to be the same size as when an ArmorStand is holding it in the hand. :)