Rotation and fall of ArmourStands

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  1. I have a weird project and for it I need to make an armourstand fall diagonally down This may look easy but I also want to rotate it and have a thing like the one I drew (I'm not an artist sorry:)). I don't even know if I can do it...

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  2. No one has ideas?
  3. You can let an armorstand fall down diagonally but not letting him falldown head-first
  4. Do you actually want the armorstand to falldown head-first or maybe only a block or something on the armorstands head/in its hand? The second thing should be possible, you can rotate parts of the armorstand, just not the whole armorstand.
    It could actually be possible to do it exactly like you drew if you really want the armorstand to fall down rotated like that. Try using an armorstand in the head/hand slot of another armorstand... then you should be able to rotate it. :D
  5. I thought about it and I decided this: I'll make the armourstand " fall " from one block(Look the picture). To do that I think I should create anew Vector like this:
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    Vector vector = new Vectoror(x,y-1,z-1);
    ,but when I try to use this the Armourstand disappears(lol)!
    I also tried to use a BukkitRunnable to set its speed every second but I obtain the same thing.

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  6. Hey someone can help me????
  7. Someone can help me?
  8. No one? Please help me:(
  9. If x, y, z is position of armourstand the reason it disappears could be because it just moves/flies away really fast because x, y, z might be very high.

    Try setting velocity to something like (0, 2, 0) you will see what I mean.

    And I suggest reading this: