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Let that food rot!

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    RottenFood - Let that food rot!

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  2. why not inject the expiry placeholders into the items lore itself? rather then have a command for it.
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  3. Would be perfect for my server if you can toggle rot persistence in chests
  4. An awesome plugin for hardcore survival. But there are few things that prevent me from using it on my serv.
    First and main problem is that players can cook thier rotten food and get cooked food with new expiry time.
    Second is that they need to type command to see if their food already rot. It would be great if you can do item replacement after time expires. I mean to replace rotten raw beef with rotten flesh for example. It can solve both problems for me.
    And third is the lore. Every food item now have lore says "when in main hand... in off hand... on feet etc". It would be awesome if you can inject expiry date there like KhaozFrost said.

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  5. This doesn't work for me. When I install it nothing actually rotts? Am I missing something?
  6. You should know that one can cook rotten food and it would be safe to eat. It won't taste very good but as long as you heat it proper it will be free of bacteria.
  7. Omg, update to 1.12.2. No way to put an expiration date for all food, only separately.
    (maybe bad eng)
  8. I haven't been developing Minecraft plugins for quite some time so this will likely not be updated. It's also much easier to program now with the persistent data API so I encourage others to look into it if they are interested.
  9. i can pay for a update 1.12.2 i very need a plugin like this for my RP server no one make one im sad :cry: