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  1. Hi, Im making a bank note plugin and when someone withdraws a number like /withdraw 10.5550054 it looks weird and shit because so I was wondering how I could round it down or just stop them having more then 2 decimals in general.
  2. subString(0,indexOf('.')+2)
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  3. Not a good way due to is not a string.

    double d = 121.88324
    double dr = Integer.parseInt(d * 100)/100

    It's 100 due to you want it to have 2 decimals. So you get the integer value of that number and then you divide it into 100 (2 decimals, 1000 for 3 decimals, etc.)
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  4. Hello,

    There is a much better way of doing that in Java, using DecimalFormat.

    Code (Text):
    double number = [...];
    DecimalFormat format = new DecimalFormat("0.00");

    String output = format.format(number);
    Why is this better? It's much more flexible and can be updated easily. For example, if you want to not show extra 0s (e.g. 5 rendering as "5" rather than "5.00"), simply replace "0.00" with "0.##". Furthermore, if you decide you want only 1 decimal, you use "0.0" or "0.#". Thirdly, the code is much more clear and straight-forward.
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  5. Yes, it is a string, when you go to print it, which is the only time when it matters?
  6. WTF ofc is a string, but you can't convert it before printing it lol
    And he said he want to round it, not to convert it
  7. @Creepermanthe3rd

    Just a heads up, general programming questions like this can be googled and you'll receive many results a lot quicker than you would posting here. There are websites such as which are dedicated to questions such as these.

    This way this forum can focus on more Minecraft-related queries.
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  8. Um, of course you can. a String is a String. did you actually learn java before coming here? You print the converted string..
  9. @Creepermanthe3rd wants to round the decimal not truncate it. You cannot do any calculations like rounding while it is a String.

    This does not work? Integer.parseInt() accepts a String not a double

    I believe you confused it a little (unless it is because I learned it a different way)

    This is the final result I came up and tested:
    Code (Text):
            double d = 121.88824;
            double dr = (int) ((d * 100) + 0.5);
            double finalValue = dr / 100;
    It can be simplified. A little explication of basic rounding.:

    You add 0.5 then turn it into an int to truncate it. For example, 1.8 + 0.5 is 2.3, turning to an int is 2. But, 1.3 +0.5 is 1.8, which turned into an int is just 1.

    The problem with this is if you convert it to an int, you will lose the 2 decimal places. Instead, you have to first multiply by 100, do the rounding then bring it back to a decimal:

    1. Multiple 121.88824 by 100 = 12188.824
    2. Do the first step of rounding (add 0.5): 12188.824 + 0.5 = 12,189.324
    3. Truncate it by converting to an int = 12189
    4. Bring it back the two decimal places: 12189 / 100 = 121.89
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