Round Robin DNS and Multiple instances of BungeeCord

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  1. Say if I was to have 5-6 dedicated servers that had BungeeCord, would it be possible to link them all up to the same minecraft servers. -> -> Located in country A
    and -> -> Located in country B

    How could someone link up all of these dedicated servers that would point to the same internal minecraft system?
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  3. Ok, say if I have 5 dedicated servers; These servers are spread around the world. These servers are selected using Round Robin DNS (by Minecraft).

    Would it be possible to have a BungeeCord instance running on each machine that would connect to the same lobby and other players (that connected through a different instance of BungeeCord) make it seam that they are on the same lobby server.
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    Doubt that would be possible. Why would you want to do this?
  5. All it would do is add a TON of latency.
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  6. Simply copy and paste the config.yml of an existing Bungee proxy with all the servers you want specified to all your other Bungee proxies and change the main host in each config accordingly.

    Tip: For me I also use multiple Bungee proxies, yet they are all hosted on the same dedicated server with different IP's to reduce latency. As hcherndon said, having all your proxies scattered all over the globe does add a lot of latency