Premium RPG Classes [Paid]

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    RPG Classes - Custom RPG Classes for your server.

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  2. If you want people to consider your plugin you need to go into every detail of what it does, show the config options also. It's hard to spend money on something when you're not sure about what it can actually do.

    Also, show all the commands and permissions, look at how other premium plugins have displayed their info for more ideas.
  3. Most of the info, I've posted it on the wiki. It's accessible by public, it contains commands and permissions, configurations, and such.
  4. Perhaps a video on the main features of the plugin would bring a larger audience! :D
  5. Sorry for the late answer, discussion section doesn't happen to give me notifications. But yes I'll be trying to create a video showcasing the main features of the plugin as soon as possible.
  6. Hello Sancaros,

    Sorry for the late response, been busy these weeks. By the way, regarding the question you asked "can the plugin be used for 1.14.4", it is not recommended to use the plugin in 1.14.4 as of now. There may be some features that will be broken with version 1.14.4.