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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by otakuXzack, May 23, 2015.

  1. Hello my name is otakuXzack

    I need someone immediately to work on a project that will make a RPG style server more mmo like

    I dont want to give to much info due to I want it to be private but


    + and -

    With a lot more this plugin is huge for me I need help quick

    My Skype: poletsky2027

    Message here if need be

    Thank you for reading and thank you if chose to help
  2. Wrong section.
    Please post in the recruitment forum and give us your budget.
  3. I can't post on there -.-
  4. There is always a reason why...
    Use Google
  5. I have to do at least 20 posts .... Huh I already had my account for more than a week
    I've also bought plugins
    This one will change everything needed for a cool RPG server
    And I'm willing to pay
  6. No not even near what I want not at all

    This is a new concept all together
  7. @otakuXzack stop post farming and properly contribute to the forums... It's not even hard to get 20 posts ._.
  8. I'm not on the forums I now itseems rude to do that
  9. You're still refraining to tell us your budget.