Spigot RPG Leveled Mobs [2.8.1]

RPG, Leveled, Mobs, Monsters, Animals

  1. There is example from the config file:
    Code (YAML):
    Format: '&7[&6Level #&7]&f'
    To use the formatting code please use & sign.
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  2. Does it works with 1.15 , anyone tryed ? Do you plan to make it support it ?
  3. It works but I'll add 1.15 mobs support on its final release.
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  4. would there be any chance for a droprate increase based on levels? the same way everything else scales but give drop multipliers?
  5. 1.15.2 Support + QuantumRPG support too?
  6. @iomatix hello! is there a way to disable entity custom name tag when it's far away? my users are cheating finding entities easier because they can see tag underground
  7. Is there a way to make it drop custom items based on level range? I'm trying to make some MMOItems drop from the mobs but I want it to drop depending on the level mob.
  8. Sadly not now but I will look on this in the future.

    Ask Quantum devs to use RPGLeveledMobs API. I don't have access to QuantumRPG source as far as it is Pay To Use plugin.

    The same situation but It would be really cool feature.

    I didn't plan such a feature.

    1.15+ Support will come on its final release. Nowadays I'm busy with my thesis project. This project and rest of them will be continued after my graduate if the demand for these continues.

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