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Is this project interest you ?

  1. Yes, I am very impatient!

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  2. Yes, it's interesting!

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  3. Yes, but not for me...

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  4. No, it's not a good idea

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  5. No, It's the worst project I ever seen

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  1. Hello, I am coding a new plugin for y server and I want to share it to you. In effect, I am creating with many friends a new Server based on MMORPG, particularly on Sword Art Online, Diablo III and others MMO games.

    For this, I am creating a new plugin for my server. It's called RPG-Suite. It's a very full plugin for all MMORPG servers. I will present you my project:

    -A profile manager for our players which manage all attributes as Max Life, Money, Speed, Defense, ...
    -An items creator and manager which allows you to create a lot of custom items with configurable damage amount or armor amount. It's possible to add others attributes to your item as speed or health.
    -A mob creator and manager which allows you to create custom mobs with a fully customizable AI which able your mob to use spells and an attributes manager which allows you to modify health, speed... of your mob.
    -A quest creator and manager with many events and compatible with Citizens' NPCs.
    -A dungeons manager which add a new conception of dungeons in your server with fully customizables rooms like ennemy rooms, trapped rooms or bosses rooms.
    -A spell manager which allows you to create your own spells with a particle manager (EffectLib)
    -A region manager which allows you to define towns, lands or forests with a customizable name.
    -A guilde manager which allow your players to create some groups or guildes in order to play in team for more fun.

    If you are more ideas, you can send it to me in this Thread. I you want to contribute at the project, ask me on this Thread too.

    My Progress:
    -Profile: 90% (Economy not made)
    -Items: 100%
    -Mobs: 30%

    Thank you.

  2. Maybe some ingame screenshots on your progress?
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  3. Yes, let's see some media.
  4. I will upload some medias on this day
  5. NathanWolf


    This sounds super ambitious!

    I'm not sure how far along you are, but .. I would suggest that a lot of these individual features are well-handled by existing plugins. Maybe time spent on an MMORPG framework that ties together other plugins would be more efficient? I'm thinking plugins like Towny, MythicMobs, Vault (really no need to make your own economy, is there?).. maybe Quests.. maybe even Magic ;)

    That would be something I'd love to use, a plugin that ties all of those sorts of things together in a consistent RPG framework, maybe handles player progression, that sort of thing. This is an area where I feel mcMMO kind of fails- too many of these RPG plugins try to be a silo of functionality when I think it'd be far more useful as the "glue" that ties other plugins together - modularity and all that.

    Just my opinion, of course! This sounds like a cool project either way and I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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