[RPGme] New Leveling Plugin, need testers & more!

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  1. Edit: | public test server ip: mcsettler.spartanhost.com
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    | Download link: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rpgme.7857/

    Hi! I am currently developing a plugin called RPGme. It adds skills and goals to you day to day Minecraft survival activities. The project is far from done. I am now in what I call phase 2, which is the technical base and the gaining of exp and levels. I have implemented all the 12 skills I originally planned, and for me everything works smooth and without errors. But before I get lost in all the abilities, perks and expansions/modules, I want this ground floor to be as good as it possibly can. That means no mistakes, and no exploits. If you are interested in becoming part of this journey, please read on.

    The plugin is in it's core very modular, meaning it can adjust to your wishes. Even skills are considered modules and can be disabled causing no unnecessary overhead. For the future I have more optional modules planned, such as a mob spawning module (adjust mob difficulty based on the players power), a vanilla limiter (block many vanilla actions until you have the required level of the associated skill) and and maybe even new skills (magic??)

    Most likely, I will only support Minecraft 1.8+. Utilizing as many cool features it has to offer. The actionbar is great already, but I'm hoping for more cool ideas!

    Originally I planned a fairly steep exp curve. And although there is technically no level limit, the expected range would be 1-100. Now this is definitely something I need feedback for to get it right. But because configurability is a high priority, there is also a global exp-required multiplier, and a per skill exp-gain multiplier.

    : Use melee attacks and kill living entities. Has an ability rage, which gives boosts and lifesteal.

    Defence: Exp is gained from preventing damage. Increasing this skill reduces knock back, increase armor effectively and multiple abilties

    Archery: Level up by shooting and killing enemies, the further away the more exp. This skill can hopefully get some awesome perks at higher levels.

    : Exp is gained from mining stone and ores. The more you level up, the higher the chance you will auto-smelt iron and gold, as well as unlock a PowerTool

    Landscaping: Very similar to mining, only for softer blocks.

    Woodcutting: Skill includes ability Timer, which causes trees to fall down to easily chop larger trees.

    Fishing: Leveling up fishing will greatly improve your bait-chance, making it a tad more bearable. Also increases the chance to find better fish and find unique treasures.

    Farming: Exp is gained when your crops grow, and when you harvest it. Abilities can include auto-replants and unique, better items.

    : Forging is both the creating and repairing of tools/weapons/armor. Created weapons get a quality stat and repaired weapons get an critical-strike-chance stat. You can also reconstruct new gear back into materials

    Alchemy: The art of brewing. Possibly allow for mystery potions, higher splash potion radius, faster brewing and more.

    Enchanting: Either use the table or an anvil to enchant items. At higher levels the chance to get better enchants would increase, and you can apply skill enchantment books you may find as treasure

    : Increased by sprinting. Increases your health and decreases food consumption

    Taming: Exp is gained for taming, breeding and riding animals. This skill could allow you to bind animals to you so you don't lose your horse all the time. The animals you breed may also have twins and grow up faster.


    A goal is the synergy between skills. For example pufferfish may require a high fishing level, but using them can gain you a lot of alchemy exp. I'm hoping, if done right, this can create a natural supply and demand to servers. People with high crafting skills may require items from players with high gathering skills.

    What I need
    There are two main things I need.
    First and foremost being
    users and feedback! After a while it becomes a burden to be just on your own, and I can't properly beta test everything on my own. And I only have so many ideas too, I know the community can come up with many more cool aspects that I would never think of! Even if you won't/can't test it, I would appreciate any feedback or ideas.

    Secondly I need someone to help me set up and maintain a wikia site. It is important there is information available, but seeing as English is not my main tongue and I am not that verbally strong I could use a partner. If you are interested you have to:

    - be able to think up a logical layout
    - convert my notes, information and possibly pictures into nice informational text.
    - have at least some time in a week to add/update information.

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  2. I would be glad to beta test your plugin on my server! It is actually just what I'm looking for!
  3. Awesome, thank you :) Let me prepare a download and I'll upload it tonight here on spigot
  4. I'm bored so I'm in
  5. This is just what I was searching, I am in!
  6. Ok download is up, check the OP.
    Thanks and have fun :)

    I recommend watching the recourse because updates can be fast, Ill try to save them up and test them first
  7. which are the commands? I am not able to execute any of them
  8. Right,
    There is only one main command: /stats or /skills
    From there you can click on each skill and the settings button.

    admin commands are currently:
    /rpg set <player> <skill> <level> - sets a players level
    /stats <player> - see other's stats
    /rpgexp [exp] [minlevel] <player> - gives a book of exp that can be spent on a skill of choice
  9. They dont do nothing
  10. Hm, they certainly do for me. What spigot version are you running?
    Currently it has to be v1_8_R3 (latest).
    If you have below R3 can you sent me that jar? So I can make it compatible. BuildTools doesn't work for me atm.
    Below 1.8 it's not gonna work right now.

    TLDL; try updating to the latest spigot version
  11. Hey could you make it so all combat related skills average togethor into a player level? also could you make it so you gain 1 hearts every 5 players level?
  12. I could make an combat level yes. And stamina handles the hearts, not as much though. it gives 10 extra hearts at level 100
  13. That would be awesome! Do you think you could make the stamina leveling configurable?
  14. Both done and dusted :)
  15. Did you manage to figure it out? They worked fine for me.
    If not, try the update. Permission checks are removed from the player commands all together so it cannot fail
  16. Looks really cool and easy to use :)
  17. How do i use the enchant books that spawn when players level up