RPi green light and freezing

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by DADi590, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hi all. I have a RPi 3 B running OpenMediaVault and a Minecraft spigot server. Before having the minecraft server, the OMV server worked perfectly. But after installing the minecraft one, sometimes the RPi freezes and keeps the green light On. I've read on reddit it could be a problem with many reads/writes to the swap file because it's on the SD card and it can't handle that much or it had to do with not enough power. I connect my 2 HDDs with a dock station powered with external source, it connects to the RPi with a USB 3.0 cable only, so I thought it might not have to do with power issues (by if it might still have, tell me). I've tried running the minecraft server from a pen drive connected to the RPi and it still freezes (and I didn't like doing so as I need to mount the pen drive on the same command of the server start and the location changes sometimes - /dev/sdc | /dev/sda1 | /dev/sdb1), so I went looking for a possible answer and I saw that one on reddit. Can someone tell me what might be the problem with the RPi? I've tried lowering the settings of the server, but it keeps freezing. I’ve tried too disabling the swap file and running the server from an HDD and not a pen drive (both SSD and a normal HDD), but it still freezes. Anyone know what this might be? Thanks in advance for any help! If you need more information, tell me and I'll provide it!

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