Spigot RPName 1.2.1

Add an additional name in front of your player name for roleplaying in chat

  1. add please /rpname {player} {name}
  2. Ok I will
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  3. mate when i do /rpname Bolean &cTest it will become Bolean Bolean LOL
  4. Hmm that's weird, it only does that when you try and rename yourself, renaming via the console etc works fine.
  5. Please add like we can remove Bolean EYYY: <=== we can remove that
  6. You can with /rpname reset
  7. cowgod


    This is working great! Thank you so much!

    Can you do "/rpname {player} reset" to remove another person's name?

    Also could you please add a configuration option to limit the maximum length of a name? I could see some players exploiting this to spam a website or some really long string that fills up the chat.
  8. The reset actually already exists but I just didn't list it in the command section.

    Okay I'll add that option.
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