Spigot rServerInfo - Simple Plugin That Does /teamspeak , /website , /twitter and /forums! 3.0

Simple Plugin That Does /teamspeak , /website , /twitter and /forums!

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    rTeamspeak - Simple Plugin That Does /teamspeak and /website!

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  2. Add a config option to disable one of the commands in case if they don't have a discord or a teamspeak.
  3. That is what i am adding right now!
  4. Also, if you want to build up your portfolio and get vouch copies you should release the source code on https://github.com
  5. Ok i will after i finish this final thing with the code ok? Thanks!
  6. @Perotin I have uploaded the src to github. And i have added the option to disable and enable the command in the config! If you would like me to anything else just ask!
  7. It only adds website and teamspeak in the config.
  8. wait does it?
  9. Ok fixed. All the commands work and the config is redone!