Rspawn after death

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  1. Hi i have little problem, when player die, he gets spctator mode..
    But I want him to spawn on server spawn.
    Sorry for my English.

    My hardcore mode is off

    holographic display
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  2. List of plugins?
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  3. Hi,

    Your hardcore mod is enable ?
  4. Gamemode??? List of plugin??? This isn't a normal minecraft behavior and you aren't giving any information for us to find out what's wrong.
  5. Yes my Hardcore mod is off
    And i added my plugins
    My gamemode is survival
    What is force gamemode ?
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    @K0bus may I ask what your link has to do with his issue?

    Anyway, none of the plugins you listed should be affecting the respawn process, however, to verify, remove everything from your plugins and move them to another folder, try to run your server and see if it still happens.

    If it still happens: It may be a command block affecting but this would be shown in console or in chat with /gamerule commandBlockOutput true, otherwise, it's something else that isn't a plugin.
    If it doesn't: Check each of the plugins by adding them back one by one. This means you have to test for each of the plugin. Once you have found the plugin, do whatever you want with it, delete it? idk.
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  7. Hi,

    M'y link show how enable this features.
    Like you say a commandblock Can Do this.

    Try disable this features for watching if problème solved.
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    Hmm okay.
  9. Change the difficulty in your file to normal, this is probably the issue.
    (This happened to me before)