Suggestion RSS Feeds or Webhooks for Plugin Updates

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  1. Being able to automate the creation of Trello cards and similar when both premium and non-premium resources are updated would be ideal. In order to achieve this, an RSS feed or Webhook is required. Would be happy for this to be a paid-for service and be per user (so all resources watched by that user), or be per plugin.
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  2. What is a trello ticket?
  3. A card in a project management system.
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    The thing is, not everybody uses Trello; hell they might not even use a project management system at all so this is only a very small minority that might perhaps want this (not everyone that uses proj mgrs would want this) but I can see where you are coming from and this might be a nice idea.

    I know that there are some custom developed Discord bots that keep track of new updates; which can then hook into anything else of its’ own accords. Maybe try that if you have a Discord Support Community.
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  5. Discord bots are all abandoned. Will write a scraper if needs be. Anyone know how those Discord bots hooked into SpigotMC?
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  6. They don't hook. Perhaps they send 1 http request per minute or something to check if something has updated.
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    I'm almost certain there are already RSS feeds
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    Next to every forum/subforum is an RSS feed icon --
  9. That's the forums. Am after the resources, including premium resources. Currently using Email Parser to scrape together a system, but it's not ideal.
  10. theres a "resource discussion" which has a thread for every resource which is the discussion page. every post in each thread wont always be only updates, but its pretty easy to parse and see which ones are updates. and theres a rss feed for that thread section
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    After reading up on it, there apparently isn't one for the resource manager outside of unofficial addons. As mentioned above, that's likely your best bet.
  12. Will just continue to use an email parser and scrape the data from email alerts instead.