Spigot Rugged Trails 0.4.1

The paths traveled more often will show wear and tear.

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    Rugged Trails - The paths traveled more often will show wear and tear.

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  2. Sounds like a neat plugin, but I am cautious against new plugins without open source.
  3. Plz make configurable like the old Trails plugin :D
  4. I was considering putting it on github. I will hop to that when I get back to my computer.
  5. Ok, sounds like a plan. Thx for the feedback
  6. I look forward to it! Let me know if you need any help.

    Also, have you considered the final step for dirt being the path block? Such as Dirt > Corse Dirt > Path
  7. looks like he might be making it configurable so u can set this your self once it's updated
  8. I considered the option, but as it currently stands this is the order of erosion that I am operating on.

    1. Stone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite
    2. Cobblestone, Grass (Nothing will turn to grass)
    3. Coarse Dirt (I skip gravel so that I don't have to deal with canceling the physics update for now)
    4. Dirt (If dirt is near grass it may turn back to grass which will allow for cyclical paths)
    My logic for this order of events is based on perceived granule size. For instance, (if assuming gravel was included) Stone would break into cobblestones, cobblestones break further into what is called gravel (smaller stones), eventually gravel becomes so crushed up it turns into a coarse dirt like material, and coarse dirt eventually will crush into fine dirt so that grass can regrow and the cycle restarts at grass.

    So to answer the question, I did consider paths. I might include it, but it would occur after stepping on grass and then move directly into just flat out dirt. The only reason I could see for it to come after fine dirt is if one were to interpret path as pressed dirt and NOT pressed grass.

    So in other words... I really like your idea and I might make it an option for the user to enable.
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  9. And yes, that is the plan.
  10. Added GIT repo
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  11. Awesome! I'll check it out. Don't hate me for my constructive criticism ;)

    There are many files in the GitHub repo that you don't need to include (such as target and settings). These will still generate locally, but you don't need to provide them to the public. If you'd like to simplify it to only the necessities, you are welcome to use use the .gitignore file from my recent project here. It is setup to only include the src folder, pox.xml, README, and of course the .gitignore itself. Oh, speaking of the repo you will also want to put the plugin.yml file in src/main/resources, otherwise it won't compile into a plugin properly for others.

    I noticed that if you jump while walking it makes the chance of changing the block very unlikely. On the contrary, you can also get the block to change just by shaking your head around. Wasn't sure if these were intentional or not.

    For some reason, the plugin file here on spigot is 8x larger than the one I got from compiling locally. Weird?

    Overall great plugin!
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  12. Not sure about the compiled size and why it’s so large. Maybe I accidentally included some unnecessary resources. I’m fairly new to the Spigot world (I’m coming from Roblox) and I appreciate the advice.

    The spin thing you mentioned is a known bug but I didn’t want to spend the time in the first build to fix it. I probably will use GitHubs issue tracker to list all the bugs that need to be fixed.

    I honestly am fairly new to GitHub too. But I’m picking it up at a decent pace.

    I will follow up on all the other things you mentioned when i get back to my home computer.

    Once again, thanks for the advice.

    I should also note that I am adding the config
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  13. How were you able to get the plugin compiled size down? Everytime I compile I end up with 35-34 kb.
  14. What IDE are you using?
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    Jumping? No problem!

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  16. The latest version of Eclipse
  17. Oh. Well I tried to get it to compile better in Eclipse but I was not successful. I switched to IntelliJ a few months back because it supports Maven and Gradle better. So I won't be of much help with Eclipse stuff, sorry.
  18. Ah ok. I will have to check that out then.
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  19. I got an addition to your plugin according to your version information it is coded in 1.13. Well why not use the Path Block that has been added in 1.9.
    You should add the pathway as the final stage cuz what happens to dirt that it has been walked over a lot ... right it gets platted.
    And maybe if you are rly adventurous if it rains all the paths slowly become dirt again cuz rain makes it to mud an after it drys again it will be dirt :D

    Would add some sort of realistic behavior into minecraft :D
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