Spigot Rugged Trails 0.4.1

The paths traveled more often will show wear and tear.

  1. Thank you for your feedback!

    Probability is measured by using 1.0 to represent a 100% chance. So for instance 0.1 would be 1/10 chances and 0.001 would be 1/1000 chances. Though, when I find time I do plan on basically revamping the whole "probability system".

    I find that an area typically becomes ugly after prolonged use due to the fact that any block could potentially change, no matter how often a player actually walks over it. So... here's my current idea...

    I like your idea of adding configurable probabilities, but what I think I'll do is track when each block that has been stepped on and update a counter for that block. Then in config I will do as you suggested and add a probability setting along with a threshold setting. The threshold will act as a limiter so that each block must wait until a player has traveled over it enough times, and once the threshold is passed the probability will kick in.

    Anyways, that's the simplest way I could think of to describe how the current system works while also explaining what I plan to do and how I plan on implement your ideas.

    Once again, thanks for the feed back.

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  2. Hey there, just wondering about the progress towards worldguard support so I can have the plugin active for some of my players' bases and not others. If this is not coming anytime soon is there instead a permission I can grant to certain players who wish to use the plugin and not grant to those who don't want to?
  3. I can add this permission today. I will update you when it's added.
  4. added...

    Let me know if there are any issues.
  5. Still plan on adding this? ^
    Ps: Excellent work on recent update, great idea ;)
  6. Yes, as of recent I was fairly inactive due to a few other projects. But as of now I am starting to find the time to continue the project :)

    We should start to see some of those features rolling out shortly.
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  7. Thanks a lot for adding that, really appreciate it. Now I can trail up my little village and not annoy the other players :D
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  8. Latest version number is incorrect in plugin.yml it still says 0.4.0
  9. Also enable_mudding doesn't seem to be working at all, is it because I have assigned grass_block to something?
    Code (YAML):
    enable_mudding: true
        - COARSE_DIRT
    Using Paper Spigot 1.13.2 server build 641
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  10. Thank you for these reports. I will look into the problems ASAP.
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  11. I just looked this over. It's exactly what I would like to see, though I'll want to see how the config pans out. In particular, I want to see "grass paths" as the final result of dirt being walked on, or "smooth sandstone", or whatever villages use for "paths" as part of a data-pack I have for speeding up travel on "pathed" places. That way "villager paths" give an immediate boost, and the player is inclined to keep those paths "that way". So if players do lots of walking between locations, my hope is to see the resulting paths end up like what already works for villages. If the config doesn't appear to quite do this, I'll edit this message to confirm it is what I hope to see in an update.

    YAY! It looks EXACTLY like what I was looking for. The only thing I would suggest is having it respect "worlds" from "MultiVerse". This way I can have the effect on my "Extra Hard Mode" world, but not on my primary "Just Hard Mode" world. But it's all good, this is a start. :)
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  12. I've run into a few issues on a new server with no other plugins installed. I'm running Version 0.4.1 of this plugin. I'm hoping someone can help.

    ** ISSUES **

    1. GRASS_PATH does not convert to "mud" (FARMLAND) during rain, despite having the enable_mudding: config set to true. It does change to COARSE_DIRT.

    2. STONE converts to COBBLESTONE



    According to this (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rugged-trails.65192/update?update=268293), Version 0.4 allows the server admin to configure the Degredation Path. I do not have anything configured for the various stone blocks and yet they are still degrading. Ore blocks do not convert (I tested iron ore in game).

    Steps taken to create issue:

    1. Set up new Paper server

    2. Download RuggedTrails-v0.4.1.jar from https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rugged-trails.65192/

    3. Install RuggedTrails-v0.4.1.jar in /plugins (NOTE: No other plugins are installed on this fresh server)

    4. Start server to generate /Rugged Trails/config.yml

    5. Stop server

    6. Edit /Rugged Trails/config.yml with the following values:

    probability: 0.25
    enable_grass_paths: true
    enable_mudding: true
    enable_trails_in_survival: true
    enable_trails_in_adventure: true
    enable_trails_in_creative: false
    enable_trails_in_spectator: false
    - DIRT

    # in theory, the above default_path will create the following degradation cycle over time
    # grass_block > grass_path > coarse_dirt > dirt > grass_block via in-game grass spread

    7. Start server

    8. Join server

    9. Set gamemode to creative

    10. Run command /weather rain

    10. Set gamemode to survival

    11. Walk on GRASS_BLOCK

    12. Walk on STONE and other blocks

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  13. I will look into this issue today.
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  14. Quick update:

    I am currently writing a resolution to this issue. Expect a patch in a few days.
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  15. 我想知道它是否支持1.12.2版本吗?
  16. Please update for 1.16.5! I know it’s been a while
  17. hi will this work with java 16