Spigot RULES (Titles) ALPHA BETA 2

The Advance way of Making Rules

  1. so to prevent you from bad ratings here some small tips..

    1. dont like to this 3rd party download u made in the dropbox - link to the offical Script plugin
    - someone could report you for this 3rd party download
    2. replace the plugin in its categorty...its no tools and plugins
    - this plugin should and must be placed in the Cathegory Skript! why? because its a skript and no plugin
    3. pls reorder the plugin description. the current style is really not good.
    - font...hmmmm
    - links to dropebox 3rd party thngs instead of scriptpluginlink? -> nogo
    - link of picture? nonsese - a pitcture or Gif should be insert normaly in the
    description and not pasted as link from the uploader site
    the only reason for this would be if u had xxxxxx pictures and u wanne present all on the description.
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  2. ok sorry but it is use for tools
    and also sorry i was in a hurry to post this hahaha SORRY
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  3. Thanks for the advise dude