Spigot RulesConfirm 0.4

No more "I didn't read the rules!"

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    RulesConfirm - No more "I didn't read the rules!"

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  2. does this only support true or false questions then?
  3. Yes. The way it is set up is there is a GUI with half emerald blocks(true) and half redstone blocks(false) but I might add more complicated answers with an anvil GUI(like the mineplex friends system) in the future.
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  4. Good plugin! Can you make that the plugin ask for the player's language at the beggining? And the rules are shown in the language the player choose?

  5. I guess it would not be too hard. I'm finishing up another plugin right now but ill add this to my to-do list!
  6. That would be great Snailz!