Rumors about the new Minecraft Launcher + Leaked images

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Do you like the new Launcher design.

  1. Yes, I like the new design. Give Mojang a cookie.

  2. No, I like the old look better. No cookies for Mojang.

  3. They both look like crap. Going to get myself a cookie.

  1. I was reading Twitter and stumbled under this link:

    Screenshots of Leaked photos [Updated]:
    IMG_20160511_064640.jpg IMG_20160510_211111.jpg IMG_20160510_211121.jpg

    Q: How will this Launcher be better than the old one?
    A: This allows settings to be done easier than a bunch of useless and cancerous options.

    Q: Will doing mods be the same?
    A: You can do mods the same way, but You can set a custom image, but has not been official on how that will be done.

    Q: How will you switch accounts?
    A: There is a spot where you change your username and it should update that you switched users. This is added for security question when getting ready to play.

    Q: When will this be implemented?
    A: In Launcher update 2.0.0, I believe.

    Q: Will my settings be the same?
    A: Unconfirmed, but should still hold old settings.

    Q: How will we see game logs?
    A: unsure on where to locate ATM, but should be cleaner logs which will make bug reporting easier for users.

    Keep on having fun in the community ;)
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  2. I can already tell you I hate the design.
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  3. It's in alpha ATM. It's suppose to match the new website design. I'll add a poll in if I can.

    [Edit] Added a poll ;)
  4. Well typo "MORRE" (unless it's in a different language)

    And I'm not a fan of the PLAY button.
  5. You would login to play /via the website in the launcher. I'll update the faqs
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  6. I like how it finally got updated, it's been awhile since Mojang updated minecraft outside of the game. The design is sleak, and easy to navigate on the site, plus it's not dirt anymore :)
  7. It's technically stone ATM in the Launcher, but true.
  8. It looks like they have been trying to make it a similar if not exact design to the website. This going for the soon to be old launcher and previous website.
  9. The inside Launcher is in the images xD
  10. I hate both of the launchers. As already mentioned, I don't like the play button at all. I get that they were going for a "Minecraft" feel, but instead it just feels really outdated. I've always thought the same thing about the mobile game as well, which has similar elements.

    I think they need to realize that this is a game, and the launcher should be fun, inviting, bright and colorful. It shouldn't look so serious. To much text, not enough graphics.
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