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  1. Hi,

    Right now i'm building a server and i want to know what it takes to make my server successful.
    It's a bungeecord server with a hub, survival and games world.
    While still in the development phase I wanted to get some advice and maybe apply some of the advice the people can give me :)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. In running a successful server/business there are a couple strategies you can take. One will be good, several is better.
    - You can get really good at what you do, this requires time and risk taking because this strategy requires experience. Experiment to see what people do and don't enjoy and practice your craft at building a server to be as fun and replayable as possible.
    - You can build something new entirely. Something that doesn't exist yet or that hasn't been done a lot. If it's new and fun enough to compete with existing markets it'll likely succeed. This one requires a bit of risk taking and more likely - money. You'll probably have to develop your own plugins or hire someone to create your custom plugins.
    - You can expand upon existing markets. Take a game that already exists and think of things that you think would make the game better. It's a bit safer compared to the previous strategy and will probably cost less because you already have a foundation to work off of.
    - Or you can appeal to as many markets as possible. This will require you to implements lots and lots of gamemodes so there's always something to play for everyone. Not recommended because it requires a lot of time, work, and server resources for a starting server.

    There's an absolute buttload of competition when it comes to minecraft servers. Everyone already does factions or prisons or survival/towny etc. The only way you can stand out and grow is to be different in a good way. When it comes to keeping people entertained on your server you'll want to develop gamemodes that are fun and replayable/playable for a long time. To keep a server playable you'll have to update a server quite regularly with new or overhauled content, having a server by itself is fine, but wanting it to grow requires a commitment from you and your staff.

    When it comes to managing servers as a whole it's important to listen to the feedback and criticisms that people have and not take them to heart, starting a server it's important to continuously strive to improve the player experience. Try to grow a healthy community and keep toxic people out.
    Good luck
  3. it depends on what you count as "successful", some people say it's successful if they had a lot of fun in creating it, others say it is successful if they start earning 1000$/month from it.
  4. As @Govindas said, you need to define success. What does it mean to you? A lot of server owners define success as monthly income or daily players, but it's really up to you. If you decide to take your server seriously, set realistic goals every day or every week to motivate yourself.
    Here's some tips I find useful:
    1. Learn from other servers and networks. Don't copy their styles but figure out what they did to make it work and what they avoided. This gives you a foundation because most "famous" networks have similar foundations when it comes to how they run their networks.
    2. Don't start off big if you aren't expecting a big player-base. If you have, let's say, survival, factions, prison, towny servers but you only have dedicated players playing survival, you're wasting money and time with those other servers that aren't being played.
    3. Be unique. Start off unique and add more features as time goes on. You need to start off with enough custom features that makes your server playable while still giving you freedom to improve and add new features. Many popular networks are beginning/have begun to implement custom features within their servers to maintain their status and player counts.
    4. If you plan to have servers that normally need resets, reset regularly. For example, you have a survival server, that will probably need to be reset every so often. Make sure your players know they are not neglected!

    Something that has resonated with every player-base I have worked with was a caring management and administration. Letting your players know that you care about the state of your server/network is crucial to keeping a dedicated community and expanding your server.
  5. For me success means that people enjoy playing on your server and want to return. I want to grow a community on my server, that's why I decided to make my survival server into a towny server. Any advice with starting a towny server?