Run certain actions per kill

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  1. I've been wondering if there's a plugin out there that can do the following:

    - Runs certain cmds per kill (can be killer/victim)
    - Drops certain items per kill (NOT from victim's inventory, but CUSTOM items)

    I've been looking for something like this for a long long while.
    Please try to avoid premium resources, but if it does the job quite easily, I'll take a look at it

    Thanks a bunch!

    Somewhat unrelated, but is there also a plugin or a command that takes a certain item(s) from a player's inventory?
    Thanks again.
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  2. You know, what you're asking for would be a really simple thing to code yourself. So if you know Java or have an interest in learning it, why not do it yourself? Will take you about a week or two if you're a novice, shorter if you're more advanced.

    Or if you don't, surely you'll be able to find someone to do it for you. I'm not the best at Java so I won't do it (unless I get paid) as I wouldn't use it on my server and therefore it's just a waste of time on my part (again, unless I'm paid), but there are probably people who would do it for free.