Premium Rune Stones - 30+ Runes! - (1.8-1.17.x) [Paid]

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  1. Why do not you always want to edit us? Rune Stones, are English characters, I hope to edit their own, but you always reluctant to ignore, this is a paid plug-in, the basic requirements are too much?
  2. Hi there, just purchased the plugin today for a planned release on my server. Upon testing though, Aura II isn't really giving any noticeable effect on my character once I activated it.

    Also, is it possible to place cool downs or time limits on each rune?
  3. Just found the issue with aura II, releasing the fix right now. At the moment there are no cooldowns/timed runes.
  4. Thank you for the quick fix! This plugin has been performing amazingly so far from my tests. Is it possible to add cooldowns or timers later on? Also, are there possibilities for adding more pve based runestones later on such as; a treefeller/treechopper runestone, double farming rune, etc.?
  5. I've planned on implementing cooldowns and timers for runes for a while, but the way I coded it I can't seem to find an efficient way at the moment. So I may have to recode portions of the code in order to have that. Those are some great rune suggestions, and I'll for sure try to add more pve based runes. Thanks for the great feedback!
  6. I'm actually really looking forward to this, because once you push more pve updates you're essentially solving every server's need for donation perks and job perks. Adding timers and cooldowns will give owners so much more control that's needed. I can't even find a decent timed fly plugin lately, so something like that would be really amazing to have.

    Some minor errors I'm receiving as well; whenever I open /rb and try to place items inside, server returns the error saying "This is not your runebag!" nor is /rb or /runebag listed in the /rs help commands, as well as instructions on how to increase rune bag space or if there's any configuration you need to alter to do that.
  7. Glad to hear. Hopefully I can find the time to implement timed runes. If you could maybe PM me a list of the PVE runes you would like to see added I can try my best to add them.

    As for the minor errors I have released a fixed version, and added /rb to the help list. Thank you very much for notifying me about this, some small things like that can be missed in testing. Under the spoiler rune bags on the plugin overview I go over how you can configure rune bags.
  8. Keep up the great work Avenged_
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  9. Thanks dude! I'll try :)
  10. Avenged_ updated Rune Stones - 40+ Runes! (1.8-1.11.2) with a new update entry:

    Some more runes!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  11. Also you can add mcmmo and some other plugins, it would be useful for everyone :D
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  12. This looks kinda promising and I am interested in buying.
    However there are a few questions/requests I want to get of my chest first.

    1. Is it possible to configure the loss of all runestones upon death ? Iam focusing on a very unforgiving survival server and don't want players to enjoy a lot of comfortable features such as a safe place to "save" items.
    2. Would it be possible to add/configure a "random drop" of runestones ? Pretty similar to the above. But instead of loosing all the effort, it will drop a random number of collected runestones from the "runebag" - including the possibility to loose the currently active runestone.
    3. Can the runebag be disabled ? (Would solve the questions above - although the random drop would be a cool feature)
    4. Would it be possible to include a "Random Runestone" in a sort of "Mystery Box" or other gambling related plugins ?
    5. Is it possible to add runestones to the lootpool of (custom)Mobs ?
    6. I already read that the runestones itself are not customizable, however I would like to see this feature in the future, as my target audience, albeit being able to read and understand english, prefer their native language (german in my case)
    7. Is it Possible to set up "runestone vendors" ? As in NPC-Shops ? (via 3rd party plugin like DTLTraders/Citizens...)
    8. Possbile to add timed features ? As example a "Vein Miner Runestone", that allows you to get the whole vein by breaking one block - with a cooldown like 1-2minutes. The problem with this feature would probably be the measurement of passed time, so that players aren't able to switch runestones back and forth to disable the cooldown.

    That's it for now.
  13. Tree Feller Rune : no drop items log!
  14. Although logs are dropped,but log:1 drop items log default!