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  1. Hi there, the treefeller rune gives me texture errors the wood that it drops is not the wood that you chop its log:13 for some reason which has no texture.
  2. can you add cooldowns and timers? i would like to buy this plugin but without timers and cooldowns its too op :(
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  3. Hey, i thought id like to suggest two features that we absolutely need within my server.

    A Bug Report

    Whenever a player dies, the players effect RE-Applies after death & respawns.
    We have a fight event and such and we cant 100% disable the plugin through permission nodes because the effects stay on them all the time even with the permissions taken away.
    Which leads to a plugin feature

    Allow OP's to view a players current Rune Inventory. I want access to Remove & Replace someone's runes if they are abusing the effects during a fight, we always say to " Take off your runes for this fight " and we have unworthy players that will not REMOVE their runes.

    OP's should have access to player's Runes
  4. Not quite sure how this is a bug... When players die and don't lose their runes (meaning they are still equipped) their effects should be added back. As for that feature, that's for sure a good idea which I'll try to implement. As I've mentioned before I'm extremely busy with school, and don't have much time to work on this project aside from keeping it bug-free. That's a relatively small feature so I'll try to get it added.
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  5. Any News about the feature I requested ?
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  6. Your feature has been added.
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  7. Can you please add language file ?!
  8. hi, i have a issue with the shop making player without op cannot buy but on my old spawn they can buy... I don't know what the problem is because we don't get any errors only we can't buy because he does lattery nothing.
  9. If this is didn’t happen at your old spawn it’s possible that your world guard region is preventing the signs from working. Are you using world guard to protect your new spawn?
  10. yes i'm using worldguard but the permissions are the same so i don't know
  11. Maybe try allowing interaction?
  12. interaction is already allowed, maybe i need to restart the server but thats a strange thing then?
  13. You’re the first to be having this issue, and it was working previously for you. This leads me to believe there’s probably another plugin interfering that you have on your server. Try to trace back any plugins you added recently that could have caused the interference.
  14. I have the problem only on the new spawn, is a permission list for the signs to buy? As op i can buy but without op doesn't?
  15. No, there isn't a permission for players to use the signs. If there are no errors in console regarding RuneStones when a player tries to use the sign, then I'm going to assume it's some plugin on your server that is interfering. You can PM me a list of your plugins and I can try to see if any could be posing issues to RuneStones. Also are you using any custom coded plugins?
  16. 我是中国买家。我不会说英语。你能改变语言吗?我无法编辑它
  17. I am a Chinese buyer. I can't speak English. Can you change the language? I can't edit it
  18. Currently there is no option to change language in the plugin. I get a lot of requests for this, and after my exams I'll give it a shot.
  19. Add language files
    I'll think about buying.