Premium Rune Stones - 30+ Runes! - (1.8-1.17.x) [Paid]

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Avenged_, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. What's the command for applying a runestone onto the Runestone GUI? How do you open the GUI? (What's the command)
  2. /rune opens the GUI menu, and you can click on runes in your inventory to activate them.
  3. Please put that in the command list, would be useful for users in the future! :)
  4. Oh, you mean in game. Sure, I'll add that in the next update.

    There is also a list of commands on the plugins overview page if you're still looking for commands.
  5. Are they infinite runes to use? Might buy.
  6. Yes, at the moment they are all infinite. Although there is a configurable option to make users lose their runes on death. Also for some servers, some runes may not be the best to use, and an easy way to "disable" them, would be to just not sell them. This way players would have no way of getting the certain rune you would like to "Disable".

    I do plan in the future to make temporary ones.
  7. Hoping you add aliases for /rune, such as /runestone and /runestones.

    Idea: Waterbreathing Runestone?
  8. Good ideas! I'll be sure to add the water breathing runes in the next update.
  9. Also, you should make the pluggin compatible with mcmmo-like pluggins, such as rpgme. (So we can have double skill runes)
  10. Sounds like a cool idea. I'll have to look more into RPGme since I haven't heard of it.
  11. Added along with the Diver rune :)
  12. Nice :) really loving these fast updates keep up the good work bro!
  13. Thanks :)

    Be sure to suggest any more runes you would like to see added, and I'll try my best to add them as soon as possible!
  14. Can suggest runes that activate a % of the time to make it more survival friendly :)
  15. Like the poison rune would have a 20% chance of poisoning the person you hit? Is that what you mean?
  16. Make it so once you have a rune, it's unlocked for ever and there is a GUI with all your unlocked runestones and you click it to activate it or click it to deactivate it?

    Also allow us to customise all the messages?

    Other than that, cool plugin!