Premium Rune Stones - 30+ Runes! - (1.8-1.17.x) [Paid]

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  1. The runes are meant to be more of an item that you can purchase to gain an advantage, but also lose if you die or misplace it. I have thought of an idea including a Rune Bag which may be an addon to the plugin. The bag would allow users to store the runes they have purchased, and easily activate/deactivate them. If I do go along that road, I will most likely do something like that. As for the messages, I will for sure make them more customizable!

    Good suggestions!
  2. Perhaps add an option in config so people can decide whether to drop it or not?
    And thanks, I'll try come up with some more ideas soon to make it even better!

    I've done this my self in Skript and if anyone does want this option, I'll be sure to send you the code ;)
  3. There is already an option for the rune to drop on death.
  4. I mean dropping in general (Q)
  5. The rune is an item. Once deactivated you can easily drop it using Q.
  6. one of my players lost there rune they pressed ESC when they were in /rune
  7. I'll do some testing, but it saves their rune information as soon as they click on it to activate it.

    EDIT: I just did some testing, and it doesn't seem to disappear when I press ESC while in the /rune inventory.

    Was the rune activated when he pressed ESC?
  8. he said he was activating it it wasn't currently activated
  9. Rok


    Great plugin! Can you add an option to remove "[RS]" from the GUI name and an option to change the rune material? That would be really cool!
  10. Yes, I can work on removing the [RS] from the inventory GUI.

    I will try to add the option to change materials in the future.

    Good ideas!
  11. Rune "Ice Tamer" - 10% chance of hitting an opponent and they freeze for 2 seconds
    Rune "Fire Breater" - 10% chance of hitting an opponent and setting them on fire for 2 seconds
    Rune "Eye for an Eye" - 10% chance of hitting an opponent and blinding them for 2 seconds
    Rune "Healer" - Every 2 minutes, you gain 2 hearts
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! You can hope to see some of those in the next couple updates :)
  13. Bug: When people log out it leaves the particles where they logged, and somebody spammed that spawn. . . . . .
  14. I'll be sure to look into that bug, thanks!