Premium Rune Stones - 30+ Runes! - (1.8-1.17.x) [Paid]

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  1. Fixed! Be sure to update your RuneStones plugin to remove the bug :)
  2. Jesus, that was fast support.
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  3. This plugin bascially ruined alot of stuff, a couple players started spamming /rs give

  4. Ok, I took a look at the code, I misplaced an if statement. I'll have this fixed ASAP.
  5. Avenged_Miner updated Rune Stones - 20+ Runes! 1.8 & 1.9! with a new update entry:

    Fixed permissions issue. Added new permissions!

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  6. So when you have a full inventory and you take a rune out, it just dissapears. Please fix?
  7. Thanks for the bug report. It will be fixed in the next update as soon as possible.
  8. Kay


    Bought and installed.
    So far, my players love it!
    I was wondering if you could have players right click their rune, and it would switch out their current rune, or put it in their empty rune slot.
    There are a lot of players who can't figure out that you have to open the page then click your rune, so have them directly right click the rune would be great.

    Also some ideas:
    Auto Smelt
    Disable runes in certain worldguard regions. (I have parkour events, and runes could get in the way)

    I'll drop in some more suggestions, but otherwise, nice plugin!
  9. Happy to hear that :). Your idea for right clicking runes sounds quite interesting, and would make it easier for players. I will definitely think about adding that in a future update.

    Auto smelt rune and worldguard regions are hopefully thinks you'll see in a future update. Thanks for the amazing feedback & suggestions!
  10. Kay


    Also another thing, I'm trying to change the message in Config.yml, but it doesn't seem to change when I do /rs reload
    It goes back to the default. Could you fix this? Thanks!
  11. Fixed. Sorry about that.
  12. Kay


    Is there an option to toggle keeping runes on death or not?
    Or a permission that allows this?

    Also, can we configure our own runes? For example, I'd like a speed 4-5 rune, or a jumping 1-2 rune, etc etc.
  13. Yes, there is an true/false in the configuration file.

    I can add a bunch of those, but at the moment players aren't able to create custom runes.