Premium Rune Stones - 30+ Runes! - (1.8-1.17.x) [Paid]

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  1. Add a rune (if this isn't here already) so all blocks mined go to your inventory and then higher tiers where your loot is multiplied (if a player has fortune on their tool)
  2. Sounds like a cool idea. What would this rune be called?
  3. maybe add /rs buy (rune_name)? :D

    EDIT: Then in the config you can edit pricing.
  4. What about "Looting Rune" ?
  5. Interesting idea... I'll probably implement that in the big 2.0 update. Good idea.

    Sounds good.
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  6. This plugin is so cool.
    You should make so some of them alway would be on and you should use the lingering potions as effects. ;)
  7. Kay


    Poison rune doesn't seem to work.
    ETA for 1.10 update?
  8. I'll look into this issue, and get it fixed asap. Thanks for notifying me of the bug.
  9. I'll try to have this fixed by tonight.
  10. Fixed. Sorry for the long wait. I'll try to get this updated to 1.10 as soon as possible ;)
  11. Kay


    When I log off and back on, I have to re-activate my speed V rune.
  12. Added. Please note that not all Runes reactivate upon login yet.
  13. please make it possible to add slots and activate multi runestones
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  14. This has been requested multiple times now, and I do plan on doing it. Although this is a pretty large task, and you will most likely see in a later update. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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