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  1. Hi! I was curious as to how hard it would be to create a "limited" Rune stone... for example, a rune stone that allows 30 minutes of flight before it runs out of power. Then the users must go purchase another Flight Rune Stone. I really love the idea of this plugin! I've been searching for a way to implement flight on my server, but I really want it limited feature where the user can fly for an X amount of time before they are forced back to the ground :(

    If it's not possible, then no worries. Love the idea! I will most likely be purchasing it soon ^.^
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  2. You're the second person to have told me about this idea, and I do like it. I would like to implement it as soon as possible, but between other suggestions, I just haven't got around to it yet. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to get it added when I have time ;)
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  3. Could you make it so that there is an option to disable the potion particles? You can either do it in game, or in the config file. Would be much appreciated, Thanks!
    EDIT: Another thing that I think would be cool is a rune that can unlock more rune slots, that way players can use multiple different runes at once to have a more varied play style. The rune could be called "Expansion Rune" with levels ranging from 1-4, each level adding a new slot. Though the problem I see with that is players stacking them, but that can easily be fixed by a slot limiter in the config file(Or you can create a specific slot for the expansion rune in the rune GUI so that they can only place one there. Whichever is easier ;))
    Either that or have a command be able to add more, such as: "/rs slotadd/rem/set #Slots {PLAYER}"
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  4. The particle disabling I'll try to get around in an upcoming update, but as for the Expansion idea, that you'll probably see in a big update since it's been requested several times, and to add this feature to the plugin it will take a while. So definitely expect to see these things in future updates.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions.
  5. I have a kinda of bug... the saturation rune, while making it look like my hunger is full and allowing me to perma sprint is not giving me the quick healing effect that having full hunger gives. Idk if this was intended, or if this is a bug in the plugin.
  6. Thanks for reporting this bug! I'll have this fixed ASAP.
  7. Can you please add an option to make the runes work on mobs? Runes like the Pyro one only works on players.
  8. Great suggestion! This will for sure be added in an upcoming update :)
  9. Is there a way to give all players a rune at once? Also, do the runes ever expire?
  10. No, although that is a good idea. Runes at the moment do not expire, and will last as long as the user has the rune activated.
  11. I hope Runes menu add more slot Because I can build more runestone
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