Running a server good or bad idea in 2018?

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  1. So I think I have a pretty good idea for a server obviously I don't expect it to be popular, but I've been planning on creating a server called Minecast I've spent a few weeks doing research on plugins and hosts etc and I have a bunch of documents for different things. It's probably just going to be factions, but I hope to expand on it and turn it into a Network the only issue is... I'm broke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know the easy thing is to just wait until I get money, but I don't know I just really want to run a server again, my idea was to maybe advertise it and maybe I can just get supporting donations but the

    Anyways the actual point of this was to ask is it a good idea to start a server in 2018? If I plan to take this seriously and actually put the time and effort into it will I make some money out of it? Or will I just end up wasting all that time and money?
  2. If you enjoy it then yes, if not then no.
  3. It was definitely worth it opening a server back in the day.
    2018, not so much.

    This kind of investment just gets riskier as Minecraft loses its players.
  4. Minecraft is not even close to being a dead game. There are still millions and millions of players every month. Just because the game has maybe lost some players doesn't mean its more than worth creating a server.

    As most of the others have already said; if you enjoy making servers or simply want to try it out, just go for it. Don't let something hold you back. If you want to make a Minecraft server, do it.
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    The reason I think people are asking this question is that all of the older players are starting to move on from Minecraft. I've been playing this game since around the time it came out. I've played it on and off over the years, but consistently for 3 years now. Now from my perspective, it could be dying because a lot of my friends who have played this game are moving on from Minecraft. And that's understandable.

    There's a new wave of players that are going to keep the drive of this game going for a long time. Even though I'm an older player in the community, once again I'm starting a new server with some friends and I now have the time to execute on a server and make an impact and have fun. Those are my 2 goals.

    Is it worth it? That's up to you. Look at the whole playing field. Who's playing factions, your financial status, hosting companies, donations, etc, etc. Put all that together and see where you want to go with this.
  6. You're right; it's not a dead game.

    But it'll be a huge investment; you'll be hiring builders and developers. It is simply a must.
    In the end, you may not find the risk worth the reward.

    I've witnessed a number of server owners who either lost motivation or couldn't afford it anymore and found it a complete waste of time and money. But that's seen in all kinds of business.
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    It's always an investment if you want to put in the work to create a great Minecraft server. You're running a business if you think about it. And all businesses involve risk no matter what anyone says. It's your money you're investing to get money back. Therefore it's a risk.

    Now there have been a number of server owners who lost motivation and found what they're doing a waste of time. But if you put the community on a pedestal and find that balance that it takes to run a business then you can always find a return in profits and gratitude from the community. If the community is happy and you're happy, you have a good server. It just takes commitment, consistency and patience. Especially in 2018.
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