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  1. Hello Spigot community!

    I've recently been stalking more threads, guess It's time I should make one with my concerns and problems as an offline server owner. If you are going to just reply with, "online-mode: true". Please don't bother, that's not the purpose of this thread.. The purpose of this thread is for me to display the issues I have owning a cracked server, and get feedback from others that have had, or are having, the same problems. This thread will grow as time goes on!

    This has been a struggle for most smaller servers since the day Mojang added the feature.. I'm not going to bash them for adding it, instead, I'm looking for ways to work with it. Do you use a plugin like AutoIn? Do you just convert a players data manually after they come on looking for their rank? Do you tell them to take a hike and use a cracked launcher with their old username? I'm struggling to make the right decision here.. Because I'll be honest, switching over a players ranks, items, and other server related stats, is becoming a daily chore. A daily chore which I'm quite tired of doing..

    This is another issue that uuid's have created for cracked servers. I'm pretty sure this happens on all cracked servers, but when I tempban (Essentials) someone that's premium, 9 times out of 10 it won't let them back on without me going in the ban files and manually removing their name from it. Currently, we work around this by using jails for bans. So if a player would have gotten banned for 5 days, they will get jailed for 5 days instead. This actually isn't a bad way of dealing with this issue, some of you may find it useful.

    We have 2 jail cells, one has a vote crate in it that gives the player an incentive to vote. The crate contains a very rare jail key, which as you can guess, gets them off the hook. The other cell is for players that do not have the option to be free, the real bad kids :mad:.. This is working perfectly, maybe someone will find it useful, just wanted to share. But, please do share your way of dealing with bans. I've heard that BanManager is what a lot of people use, although I'm not 100% sure if it does work for premium players on cracked servers.

    Thank you for reading, please feel free to discuss your methods of handling these problems, or other problems which I have not mentioned.
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    Eh, I make all my plugins UUID-compatiable.
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  3. On an offline server, uuid's are generated with md_5 hash by nickname. So uuid compatible plugins are useless unless you have something like AutoIn that fetches premium uuid's for a premium player. Online mode servers fetch them by default, I assume that's what you're talking about.
  4. There are plugins which help with the conversion process. For example Towny has a command for this.
    /ta resident {oldname} rename {newname} which hooks into essentials, vault and changes their rank, town details etc and balance.

    It is quite possible that a proper plugin could be developed interfacing with vault and some other major plugins that will be able to do this more completely and conveniently.
  5. I'm strongly considering to go with using AutoIn. The only thing that is scaring me off is that, with the settings I would require from it, it would not let players with "skin names" join my server. Unless, I add them manually to an exception list. I got on and looked around and realized that about half of all the cracked players on my server use skin names. So this may do more damage than not doing anything at all.
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  6. Exactly! That is why I used autoin for a month or so on my server and then removed it. Half the cracked players use skin names and the message that auto in displays when they try to join is not clear about why they cannot join. The players then leave because they think it is a premium only server.
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  7. Aw man.. I was really looking forward to using it. Guess it really isn't worth it. I'll have to ask the dev if there's a way to change that message. Are you talking about the Invalid session message or the "Server isn't enabled yet" one?
  8. The dev said earlier somewhere that the message cant be changed. And its the invalid session message. :(

    But sure. Ask again if you can. Maybe things have changed.
  9. I think that's just a limitation of Minecraft, sadly.
  10. Hi there, I saw your post and I would like to share my post and see if you have the same issue that began to appear like 2 weeks ago
    like I said in the post some other owners of cracked servers began to have it

    Now with another admin we are making tests on the server to find a solution but we are starting to think that this problem only appear from 1.8 onward
  11. That is a host related issue most likely. Are you using BungeeCord? Also, what host is it?
  12. BungeeCord nop, we were testing the server, it was we could say in beta test the server with 5 users connected to see the performance for 2 month is was good but the last 2 weeks this began to happen.
    And for the host we are using "ifx networks datacenter (cabase)" and the server was Spigot 1.8.7, we tried using the craftbukkit.jar but was the same.
  13. Delete your modules folder and make sure you have the latest build found here:

    This has nothing to do with the server being cracked, I'll tell you that. This has happened on my server at times, usually when there's a large ddos, or if the Bungee has been up for a long time and runs out of ram. How much ram do you have allocated for Bungee? 500mb works in most pure setups. But, if you have plugins on it you may need to use a bit more.