Running essentials economy and iConomy together..

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  1. Hey, I've bungee'd my servers and would like to create a cross-server currency.

    My main towny server has a default essentials economy ($$ to buy towns, plots, shops..) and would have to run alongside this secondary economy.

    I'd like to know how I'd install a different economy to run alongside my default one without overwriting or conflicting. The secondary would need to be given out only by command as a reward system.

    I've tried just installing iConomy over the top of the current currency but it just overrode the essentials economy forcing everyone to start at $10 again (towns, residents, shops...) and me to spend the next hour or so working on rollbacks. Is there a safe way to ensure iConomy wont override the essentials?
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    There's virtually no way to do that. You will need another economy plugin that does not hook into Vault.
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  3. Thanks! Will see what I can do.
  4. Search for CraftConomy supports bungeecord and I use it myself and many other I think?
  5. Hooks into Vault though right? Means it'll overwrite the current essentials currency the same way iConomy or FeConomy would.
  6. There's no point in using 2 economy systems. Use something like CraftConomy that has mySQL support for multiple servers. If you want a secondary vote/reward currency, use PlayerPoints. It's well supported among many shop plugins like ChestCommands.
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  7. I'd suggest buying a domain before you start a network instead of using a numerical IP address.
  8. Thanks guys, I think that's all the info I need.

    I'll trial PlayerPoints tonight and see if I can create a decent system.