Running Multicraft and Wordpress on same VPS

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm not entirely sure if the spigot forums is the right place for this question, but I couldn't think of many other forums where there are people who might have experience with both.
    Question 1:
    Anyway, so I'm currently already running multicraft with a minecraft server on my vps without any issues. (apache2, PHP, mySQL etc. all set up) I recently bought a domain (which I already setup to connect to the minecraft server) which got me intrested in running a website from that same vps (website for the minecraft server) so i followed this guide:—-create-new-virtual-host-files

    and created one of the 2 virtual hosts from the guide (so I only followed the steps from, with my own domain ofcourse) But than I ran into an issue. When I disable 000-default.conf with sudo a2dissite and enable my own domain, I do indeed get the succes message but I cannot go to multicraft anymore. It will just tell me that www.mydomain/multicraft/ is not found anymore. If I undo this I can again go to multicraft but I'm back at the standard Apache2 page. Now a week ago I had never even used linux so you can imagine that I don't know much yet about all of this. I do know some very basics but definitely not how to solve this problem. Does anyone know what needs to be done?

    Question 2:
    Now I already have a second question, as seen in the title I was going to install wordpress for the website, and when finished with the guide above I was supposed to proceed with these 2:
    (I'm btw running on ubuntu 16.04)

    But I wonder if following these guides will interfere with my multicraft installation. Does anyone know if I can just install these with causing any issues regarding multicraft or will I have to change things about multicraft. Especially the first one made me a bit cautious, I really wouldn't want to lose acces to the server.

    Sorry for the large questions but I couldn't get the answers on the internet (and i'm not entirely sure what I should be looking for)

    Greetings Thomas.