Running Prison Server, But Need Help With Double Prefixes & Nickname Colors. [ PAYING ]

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by xWeeeB, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. As title says, im running a prison server and i need double prefixes like
    [MOD] [RANK A] *NAME* : ........
    [DONATOR] [RANK A] *NAME* : ....

    Please Pm me your skype or how much you will do it for!!
  2. Are you using essentialschat?
  3. yes i am using essentialchat
  4. Use group formats, and when someone donates, put their prefix in game, so for zPermissions this'd be /perm player <player name> prefix "&2[&8Donator&2]"
  5. how do i make my prefix to show in the TAB List? i did but it doesnt show [ DONATOR ] in there..
  6. pm me for my skype, I can help quicker on there.
  7. ChatEx Supports this feature. I used it for a while on my prison server ;)

    although, it doesn't do the tablist stuff.. Two prefixes/suffixes on the tab would make it ugly as hell though.