Spigot Rush4TheDragon v2 - A very simple mini-games [openSource] v2.0.2

A simple mini-games: You must kill the enderdragon as quickly as possible.

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    Rush4TheDragon - A simple minigames plugins, you need to kill the enderdragon rapidely !

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  2. How can we trust it's a good plugin when you can't use proper grammar? Just saying, first impressions are everything.
  3. Yes but I have a lot of difficulties to speak English :/ I'm french people, not english :(
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  4. Can you add some screenshots off the mini game?
  5. Yes I can add screen but It's just a scoreboard and after it's a normal world, you just need to kill the dragon :p
  6. You forgot to mention it has TitleAPI as a dependency
  7. Ho Yes sorry I forgot this ! I add this now ! Thank :)
  8. Does it have multi-world support? If not that would be a great addition if its not to complex.
    Great plugin! Keep up the great work!
  9. Multi-world not supoorted yeat, I will work to add it :D Update is in progress...
    Thank for your good reviews :p
  10. Np! Great plugin and great consent! It's simple yet extremely enjoyable and repayable! It's cool trying to find new ways to get to the end the fastest. GL!
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  11. When you add multiworld support, how will it work?

    Do you run a command that will teleport you to an end world and you will have to kill the dragon?
  12. Hi,

    I do not have a command, you need to find the Strongold and enter the end ;)
  13. So does this replace the normal end and it's mechanics with your plug in?
  14. No, my plugin just check if an ender-dragon dead ;)
  15. So it basically just restart the end and revives the ender dragon?
  16. Yes, or just /summon :)
  17. Hello,

    for this moment, use use the "/scoreboard remove rushtimer"
    to delete the scoreboard.

    An update arrived soon, and I will add an option to auto delete scoreboard when server shutdown.