Ryzen 2400g for Minecraft Server CPU?

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  1. Hi, does anyone know if a Ryzen 2400G would be a good enough CPU to handle 50+ players in a Minecraft server? There would be around 40 plugins installed, and in the game-mode survival. This is plans for a dedicated server I want to build.

    Hosted at a Data Center
    Full system specs - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZjBjFt

    Advice is welcomed!
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  2. What are your internet speeds?
  3. It's a datacenter. They offer 100mbps upload and download. I plan to collocate the server after it's built.
  4. Oh my bad, I thought this was going to be home ran haha
  5. No worries. I could have included that in my original post. :LOL:
  6. It's comparable to an Intel 1630v3 to my knowledge which is what most (budget) hosts use. My experience with an Intel 1630v3 was beyond poor (to the extent that small world edits lagged the server) with less than 10 players which oddly didn't make sense to me and I sort of want to blame the host for the experience as their premium plan (1650v3) with only 100mhz clock speed higher delivered a much better experience for the survival server I managed. I'd say the plugins and optimization are going to have more of an impact like setting view distance down to 4, which clearly isn't ideal for survival, but I'm not too informed on how cpus hold up server side compared to standard workload performance so don't mind me, I'm just spitballing info that hopefully helps someone.
  7. That makes sense. :unsure: A lot of cheaper Minecraft server hosts oversell, and their CPUs cannot keep up with the large bank of Minecraft servers being run. That's actually the reason why I'm wanting to build my own server, because my current survival community experiences a lot of lag at random times once and a while. I'm hoping someone can say with confidence that I wouldn't be wasting my money purchasing these parts. :LOL:
  8. If you're buying the parts yourself, a 2600 has 2 extra cores for about $20 more. Personally, I'd go for the 2600x as it basically is overclocked, with additional headroom, but that's just me. If your case supports it, a fuma cooler would also do better but I assume you went with a low profile cooler for a reason. Zen 2 is also around the corner with what should be some outstanding specs for decent prices if you want to wait another rumored 2-3 months.
  9. I'm actually trying to stay relatively low on wattage (assuming that isn't a ridiculous goal), so I minimize the monthly bill with the data center.
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  10. If you will be running only one or two servers on your dedicated machine you should go for Intel, here's why. Mojang server jar, also Spigot and Bukkit are 97% singlethreaded - that means they can't use more than one core. So what you need is CPU that don't have much threads or cores, but which have most performance per core.
    Here's few charts that show single core performance of modern CPUs

    So I recommend you to buy 8350k or 7350k and overclock it to 4.5 Ghz or higher - you will get top single core performance for reasonable amount of money. For my own server I use 8350k overclocked to 4.8 Ghz at 1.31 volts - and I get top singlethreaded performance similar to i9 9900k. I get like 210 points in Cinebench singlethread and 2800 in PassMark singlethread. AMD CPUs have less performance in each core so they are much less suitable for running minecraft servers. As for power usage - potentially overclocked CPU can use up to 60-70watts, but it will never happen since you will use only 1 core most of the time and even that one core will be loaded to 50% or more only when your server has like 20+ players online.
    P.S. As for SSD better choose one with MLC and not TLC cells, MLC wear rate is much slower. Also if you are going to overclock you need Z370 or Z270 motherboard.
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