Premium [S] SandEmension [1.8 - 1.9.X] [New Dimension] [75% off] [!Plugin For Sale : Source code &...

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    [S] SandEmension [1.9 & 1.9.4] [New Dimension] [25% off] [Weekly updated] - Awesome new hardcore dimension for your server! This plugin includes a new world and custom mobs.

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  2. This plugin iss creepy :D
  3. Ok.. :) Hope you like it.
  4. Very cool plugin!!! Very pleased with my server!!!;)
  5. I love it, i use it
  6. I love it.
  7. You guys didn't even bought it..
  8. May I ask when there will be news for compatibility for tested 1.10? :) Also, when is there supposedly going to be a portal? I would absolutely love to buy the plugin, there are too few new dimension plugins out there. And if this had a portal, it would fit in with a server theme I'll be going for. :) HMU asap!
  9. I stopped working on this plugin unfortunaly.. If you pm me, I might be able to make you a custom version with portals and stuff based on what the plugin is right now ;)
  10. Yea... try not to sell the code, it isn't really that worth an amount (Probably <$10).
    If you wanna sell a source code, it needs to be way bigger. A private transaction of such a small scale would be... probably non-existant
  11. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.