Sad Time.

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  1. I was messing with my servers raid drives and erased everything. Feeling sad :(

    y touch stuff that is working just fine xD

    Thats my story.
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    I'm going to add insult to injury here.

    Why the hell didn't you post this in the technology or off-topic bit of the forum?
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  3. Cause its a story, and idgaf lol
  4. Also, why don't u do an extra eternal backup, just for the safety :b.
  5. I did but i mistakenly erased it qq
  6. If u erased your Server stuff, how did u manage to erase something EXTERNAL aswell, meant as in backed up on another host or your own machine.
  7. I was changing harddrives and everything attached to my server got fried....
  8. Maybe on that machine, but if u would have had it stored up EXTERNALY aswell, u would still have a backup.
  9. it was all backed up on a external harddrive
    Though i did get a backup from a week ago, But still thats bad lol
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    Backups to external hard drives don't usually count as external backups. External backups are usually so external systems.