Safe control panel?

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Most secure panel for now

  1. Multicraft

  2. Pterodactyl

  3. McMyAdmin

  4. Other

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  1. Hello, guys, I have been Minecraft user for a long time as server player as much as a server owner
    I had used a lot of different control panels such as pterodactyl, multicraft, mcmyadmin, and some custom hosting ones and every each of them has their strengths and weaknesses but my most concern is that question is multicraft easily breakable now and is it true that it is not secure anymore
    just a little discussion

    There is a little poll at the end (or beginning) and if you choose other can you please write the name in comments and your experiences.
  2. Pterodactyl definitely is hands down one of the most secured panels ever. I worked with a lot of servers in the past all running with that panel. Not only is it secured, but it's extremely easy to navigate & everything is organized. The interface is also user-friendly. A lot of features that Pterodactyl offers that other panels don't. Never had a issue with that panel. Not trying to shade Multicraft or anything, but in the past they have gotten breached before. From what I experienced, Multicraft's security isn't HORRIBLE, but it could use some improvements. I'm not up to date with Multicraft but in the past their code was obfuscated. While, Pterodactyl Panel is open-source. All I know is that, Multicraft got exploited a few times over the years. They have improved over the years, not going to lie. However, I'm still going to stand by my words. Pterodactyl is the most secured panel from the poll you made.
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  3. So what the hell does your subject "Multicraft security breach?" mean when your post says absolutely nothing about a security breach? Are you trying to spread FUD?
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  4. Thanks for your reply
  5. I have changed the title even though it is not that really important it is just a regular post