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    Thank you for this :p
    I was actually looking into doing a sale with my new update for CustomEnchantsPlus ;) (When I publish it)

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  2. Seems like a great idea! That way when you say 50% off sale you can see the old price and the new price. Maybe to make the resources tab less cluttered with prices, you can show the old price on the resource’s page instead.
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  3. Yeah definitely a good idea. With a tag next to the name that has the percentage. :)
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    Maybe specification for the duration of the sale would be a good addition too
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  5. Well, I did notice that although it applies the correct percent, there’s not button like “Return to Original” or something :unsure:
  6. Fairly sure this should have the "Suggestion" tag.
  7. I think the option just got added an OP is praising them for doing so. I got a bit confused at first too. I don't have any premium resource here (yet, soonTM) so I can't check.
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  8. No, it hasn't and I would be completely surprised if it were added.

    Please remove the praise tag, its the only tag I am sensitive about being used wrongfully :(
  9. A day the sale could expire would also be pretty cool, or needing to have purchased a certain resource to receive a sale would also seem like a good idea, so you could give people sales if they have bought another one of your resources.
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  10. That's strange! Because it is within my edit resource configuration!
  11. I however have a concern about this whole concept. Most countries come with a strict and severe regulation that defines how a regular sale would have to be applied to a product, it being virtual or not. I was wondering if Spigot is going to establish any precise rule on how they shall be applied and predefined , or which country's rules we should follow when doing this procedure.
  12. What country? Give an example cause I’m curious to see what country never has sales, especially with the upcoming Black Friday
  13. Did you even understand what I said? Each country has unique regulations for establishing valid sales. To protect against market destabilising practices, there is a need for suppliers to be informed ex-ante, in conformity with contractual terms, of the possibility that their goods or services are to be sold on at a loss by a reseller . By being informed in this way suppliers who are concerned that such operations could undermine their brand equity or give the impression that their products or services are of inferior quality can set conditions in their initial supply contracts to prevent such outcomes or simply refuse to enter into contract with the relevant resellers.

    Furthermore, to ensure that consumers can properly compare the economic value of products and services, an obligation to identify that a product or service is being discounted to such a point that it is resulting in a sale below cost is necessary. This ensures that consumers understand that the economic value of the product or service is greater than the discounted price that they are being offered to purchase it. Moreover, this transparent presentation of below cost sales will facilitate the application of competition policy rules against predatory pricing in that it will be easier to detect systematic operations of this type that could reflect the abuse of a dominant position by a reseller
  14. For example in Bulgaria we have a law that for a product ( no matter virtual or physical ) to become on a sale, it has to be 40 days on the same price, and then in order to change it back it needs to be on sale for at least 2 weeks. But no big store is folowing this and its not really enforced.
  15. I think that rule comes from the European Union
  16. Let's look at how the big companies do it: Steam
  17. You failed to remember that spigot is not a big company (at least not in terms of revenue).
    Spigot also does not act as a middle man, it's just a place to connect the buyer and seller.

    Personally I am all against making a special sales feature. People can already do it on their own if they want to.
  18. This isn't me saying that spigot should have all of the tools of Steam, this is me showing how an international company who has a lot of lawyers found a middle ground in terms of discount laws.

    Yes, people can do it on their own, but what stops them from having a constant "sale"? How do you indicate that your resource is on sale? (most do it through the title).