Praise Sale option in Premium Resource

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    Thank you for this :p
    I was actually looking into doing a sale with my new update for CustomEnchantsPlus ;) (When I publish it)

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  2. Seems like a great idea! That way when you say 50% off sale you can see the old price and the new price. Maybe to make the resources tab less cluttered with prices, you can show the old price on the resource’s page instead.
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  3. Yeah definitely a good idea. With a tag next to the name that has the percentage. :)
  4. FrostedSnowman

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    Maybe specification for the duration of the sale would be a good addition too
  5. Well, I did notice that although it applies the correct percent, there’s not button like “Return to Original” or something :unsure:
  6. Fairly sure this should have the "Suggestion" tag.
  7. it's a very good idea for sale.
    I would suggest you tag % on sale
    it will definitely work...
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