Premium [SALE] Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ ONLY $1.50 for ThanksGiving! ✪ [1.8|1.9|1.10] ✪ Test Server...

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    Ultimate Essentials PRO | 50% OFF for First 2 weeks! - An immensely user-friendly resource with essentials commands and features for any server!

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  2. damn it had to be a skript :/
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  3. If you wish to purchase UE Pro and leave a review it is 50% right now for limited time!
  4. It is still a beautifully working Skript and has been priced accordingly as it is not an actual plugin.
  5. price is good but my network doesnt do skript sorry! very nice work! you should learn Java and convert it :)
  6. That is going to be my project for the summer! Hopefully teach myself some Java. Don't know if I will ever been skilled enough to create something as smooth and user friendly as this but it is a good goal. Thanks for taking the consideration for UE Pro even though skript is not supported by your network. :)
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    New Commands and Bug Fixes!

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  8. TheJimmyJ57 updated Ultimate Essentials PRO | 50% OFF for First 2 weeks! with a new update entry:

    Player Vaults + Minor Fixes!

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  9. Oh my god.. A premium skript.. No.. Kill me now
  10. There are many premium skripts on spigot that are quite fantastic :)
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  11. One question, does this work like the regular Essentials and adds colors like &0 and so on?
  12. Which feature are you referring to for color coding? For every feature we do have color support as of right now. If I missed any, just inform me and I will add it in the next update :)
  13. Like if I wanted to use PermissionsEX or GroupManager to make groups with color in them, would that work?
  14. Now that you reminded me of that I just added it in! It will be up in the 1.4 update!
  15. Oh I reminded you of that? I really want this script because I am sick of the Essentials plugin itself. I want a alternative.
  16. Yes well I personally think I have created a great alternate with enhanced features that no other essentials variant has. And yes when the 1.4 update comes out in a few hours, it will be able to use Pex prefixes and stuff in the custom chat formatting.
  17. One more question, should the script with 1.8 by any chance? Also, will it be PermissionsEX only supported?
  18. The skript here was written and tested on a 1.9.4 server. If you wish to use it on 1.8 you can, you will just need 1.8 versions of all the dependencies. There may be errors with certain things between versions but if you wish to use it on 1.8 it is entirely possible and I will help fix any errors there may be.

    Also, for the pex support, there is permissions support of course, Coming out in the 1.4 update that will be out in a few hours I am just fixing up some errors we had specifically with pex as I was informed by another buyer :). But the 1.4 update will support Pex permissions and prefixes.