Solved Same classes in a few plugins, Help!

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  1. I has my own plugin series. All plugins based on RPG.

    Core Plugin
    Plugin what control Items
    Plugin what control Classes and Skills

    All have template-class for Player

    Core plugin has massive with type of his class
    Item plugin has inherited class from Core
    Classes plugin
    has inherited class from Item Plugin if available, otherwise from Core

    Making 3 massives can use a tons of memory on big servers, how I can optimise this ?

    My variant: Making interface with methods required only for Core make massive store class inherited from this interface, and put only child class (from Classes for first, from Item if available and Classes disabled, otherwise from Core)

    What should I do?

    UPD: Sorry for wrong thread, I messed up:(
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  2. Use a JVM profiler like JProfiler. See where your memory usage is the highest.
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  3. Yeah but.. This is not my question.. Have 3 massive for same classes - bad practice
  4. fork all plugins in one, i dont se code so i can't suggest u how you can optimize, if you want send very longmethods, so i can suggest you how to optimitze and what (sorry for my bad english)
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